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In this dynamic and constantly changing environment, we help to make your brand stronger so that you look authentic and build strong lasting relationships with your customers


DNB Būstas

Real estate agency

Development + support

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The Coffee Mate

Coffee machines and coffee beans retailer

Email marketing

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Remindful Art

Remindful Artworks are practical tools designed to remind you to be mindful

Architecture  + development

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LiMA Day

Largest marketing conference in Kaunas


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Our Capabilities


A web page is more than just a branding business card online. It can do wonders!

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People travel online by searching for sensations. It takes a few seconds to capture the attention of your customer. This is why it is necessary to make a killer first impression. It is therefore important that you meet and immediately engage your visitors. Whatever the brand, it is unique and you can give your visitors something they do not find elsewhere. We create cutting-edge digital solutions to make the experience of your visitors hassle free, vibrant, engaging and unforgettable.

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Technology can help e-businesses run more stable, and to make shopping more comfortable for consumers.

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People want hassle free shopping. They want a place where they do not waste time, where everything is clear, simple and ready. E-shopping is increasingly gaining popularity due to its convenience. It offers a comfortable, user-friendly environment, personalized product offers and contemporary design. Our solutions cover brand new ways to optimize customer service and order processes.

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Individual mobile solutions to help you to be always close to your customers.

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We are constantly browsing thousands of gadgets time and time again and we are always up to date. Thus we'll help you meet your visitors` expected standards each day. We are well versed in mobile technology and we`ll help you to be featured on Android and iOS smart devices platforms. Our team of experienced programming and design professionals will bring into reality your most innovative and ambitious ideas and also create the application based on the latest trends in technology and design.

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A simple and clean UI and UX is the shortest way to gain the customers’ trust and attention.

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Your uniqueness is a competitive advantage. Let it be visible. We can never hide away from the fact that people 95% of the times always judge by looks. Therefore the appearance of your website matters the most. It does not matter who you are - a solid financial institution or a democratic young start-up - we help create an authentic visual identity. From the logo, website design to branding or corporate identity - integrity will reveal the brand's character, make it stand out and draw attention the attention of your customers.

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An effective way to provide users with relevant information. Emotions are inspirational, but not enough.

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A killer landing page is an effective way to provide users with relevant information and to encourage them to take action. Emotions are inspirational, but not enough. In order for an online advertising campaign to be effective, it is important for it to be detailed and precise and lead the user to action. A landing page will prevent users from roaming and will immediately find out more from them, be it signing up or doing another action you want. A clear message, a convenient layout - the promotional page has its own rules, and we know how to use them effectively.

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Significant stories do not fit into the templates. Present them in a unique and engaging manner.

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 Even the most boring stuff can be turned into attractive and productive content. It all depends on the skill, the purpose, and the guiding measures. Animation is a great way to present attractive and easy to understand content and also an infographic, video and audio recordings can make miracles and turn dry facts into live, eye-catching content. No matter how complex and or unconventional your intentions are, we will create a presentation that will reach the audience and help you to tell your story efficiently and effectively.

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A new kind of agency

Digital Transformation

Tandemum is a professional IT service company, helping to transform clients’ business, marketing and technology models for success in the digital era. Our unique industry-based, marketing approach helps clients envision, build and run more innovative and efficient businesses.


Tandemum operates globally three dimensions that enable clients to gain a competitive advantage and succeed in an increasingly digital world. Our insights, creativity, and technology drives innovations and helps clients to navigate complex business problems.


We distinguish the complexity of our services – we work by maintaining a solid identity of a company, we fully prepare client’s employees for work with projects and maintain continuity – both in terms of consulting in meeting the challenges and completing projects with new solutions and ideas.


Our goal is to help our clients to exceed the expectations of executives and investors, ensuring the best outcome for current and future deployments as well as outpace competitors. We are not looking for short-term projects – we appreciate the long-term and effective partnership.

Our Team

Vytautas Narbutas


Tomas Baltušis


Andrius Baliutis


Darius Buikus